SA Journal of Education, Volume 40, Supplement 2, December 2020

Does a job satisfaction and organisational citizenship behaviour relationship exist among teachers?

Kemal Cek, Serife Eyupoglu


The purpose of this study was to contribute to the educational management literature by testing a model that combines the overall job satisfaction, intrinsic satisfaction, extrinsic satisfaction and organisational citizenship behaviour of high school teachers. Structural equation modelling and hierarchical regression were used and the model was tested through the collection of data from questionnaires completed by high school teachers in Northern Cyprus. The findings of the study indicate that teachers are more intrinsically satisfied with their jobs when compared to extrinsic and overall job satisfaction, and that teachers display a high degree of organisational citizenship behaviour. The findings also show that, as hypothesised, teachers’ job satisfaction (overall, intrinsic and extrinsic) positively influences organisational citizenship behaviour, however intrinsic job satisfaction is the most influential. Practical implications for both organisations and education institutions are outlined.

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