SA Journal of Education, Vol 39, No 3 (2019)

The role that access and attitudes toward tablets have on learners’ achievement in a Johannesburg school

Samantha Anne Hart, Sumaya Laher


One of the central themes across education policies in South Africa is ensuring equal access to education in a context of diminishing resources. The roll-out of technology in schools plays a pivotal role in achieving equity. With the emphasis on technology integration, it is imperative to fully understand the factors that influence this process. Thus, this study investigated the role of access to tablets, and learners’ attitudes towards tablets, on learner achievement. A convenience sample of 276 learners from an independent high school in Johannesburg, where tablets were used in the learning environment, completed a cross-sectional survey consisting of a demographics section, a section on access to technology, and a scale on attitudes towards the use of tablets. The results indicate that learner achievement is largely influenced by learner attitudes towards tablets, and in particular, enjoyability of use. Findings provide evidence that tablet provision, while necessary, is not sufficient for the successful integration of tablets and subsequent redress of equality in education in South Africa.

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