SA Journal of Education, Vol 44, No 2 (2024)

The expectations of parents of secondary school students about leadership of school principals

Mesut Demirbilek


Students’ parents are important stakeholders of school leadership. Student mobility and some other problems in a school environment may occur when the expectations of students’ parents cannot be met. Hence, I studied the expectations of the parents of secondary school students about the leadership of school principals through focus-group interviews using a phenomenology design. According to the findings, the leadership expectations of parents about school principals were categorised in 4 sub-themes: behaviour, values, skills and competencies, and characteristics. Parents of students expect school principals to prioritise student success, create unity and integrity, ensure open and sincere communication, and student safety and happiness. They also expect values that include managerial competence and problem-solving skills, showing interest and sensitivity, sensitivity to differences, respect for justice and equality, and a democratic attitude. At the same time, parents of students expect school principals to be innovative, visionary, consistent, empathetic, and disciplined – they want principals to be good role models for students.

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