SA Journal of Education, Volume 39, Supplement 1, September 2019

Physical sciences teaching and learning in Eastern Cape rural schools: Reflections of pre-service teachers

Merlin John


The experiences of pre-service teachers who come from rural backgrounds differ widely from those who are from urban schools. It can be assumed that these experiences play a crucial role in shaping their teaching careers during and after the formal teacher training. Even though much research has already dwelt on the various challenges experienced by rural schools in South Africa, little has been done on pre-service teachers’ perspectives. Using an exploratory research method, this article explores the status of physical sciences teaching and learning in rural schools in one of the most disadvantaged provinces of South Africa, using pre-service teachers enrolled in a rural-based university as the participants. While many factors were reported as hindering the effective teaching and learning of physical sciences in rural schools, it was found that some schools and teachers used some appropriate strategies to promote teaching and learning.

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