SA Journal of Education, Vol 40, No 1 (2020)

The effect of psychological violence on preschool teachers’ perceptions of their performance

Zeynep Çetin, Miray Özözen Danacı, Abdullah Kuzu


The phenomenon of psychological violence (mobbing) explained within the context of psychological aggression, is gaining attention due to increased focus on industrialisation and work life. The study aimed to examine the effects of mobbing experienced by teachers on the way they perceive their performance. The research sample consisted of 698 teachers (647 female/51 male) working in public preschools. The Mobbing Scale developed by Yaman (2009), and the Teachers’ Perception of Performance Scale developed by Özözen Danacı (2009) were used as data collection tools. In data analysis, the correlations of teachers’ psychological violence levels to their self-performance assessment and managing skills were determined. The findings suggest that there is a significant negative relationship between psychological violence and work performance. Based on the findings obtained in this study, the aim was to establish an educational environment without any psychological violence to provide an improved service.

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