SA Journal of Education, Vol 28, No 3 (2008)

The “movement” of mixed methods research and the role of educators

John W Cresswell, Amanda L. Garrett


The landscape of research is continually evolving, enabling researchers to study increasingly complex phenomena. Educational researchers have propelled much of this forward progress and have developed novel methodologies to provide
increasingly sound and complete evidence. Mixed methods research has emerged alongside quantitative and qualitative approaches as an important tool for researchers. In this article our overall aim is to better acquaint educational
scholars with the mixed methods field by articulating the development of the mixed methods f ield and by citing current trends and issues. The role of educational researchers in the evolution of mixed methods research is high-lighted.
The early and ongoing dialogue of mixed methods research is multi-disciplinary in nature with current w ritings across fields. The current debate over key aspects of mixed methods research is now in progress and is ripe for future contributions. Even the very nature of what constitutes mixed methods research is being discussed among scholars. Understanding and advancing the mixed methods field is an important goal for methodologists and researchers. With the increased interest and enthusiasm for mixed methods research, it is likely that the dialogue surrounding mixed methods approaches will thrive, continuing the movement of the field.

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