SA Journal of Education, Vol 26, No 2 (2006)

Teacher appraisal in Botswana secondary schools: a critical analysis

Gerhard Kamper, Pedzani Monyatsi, Trudie Steyn


Recent policy on teacher appraisal in Botswana emphasises that the process should be professional, non-threatening and constructive. The extent to which the teachers themselves experience their appraisal as meaningful was investigated. The findings indicated that teachers had varying experiences and mixed feelings about the appraisal process. It emerged that many teachers viewed the current teacher appraisal system in Botswana as demoralising, even threatening. Our study confirmed the thesis that all parties involved in the teacher appraisal process should know its purposes, and should interpret and apply these in a uniform, professional way. The empirical and theoretical findings of our study showed that the current teacher appraisal system as practised in Botswana secondary schools requires further improvement to ensure general professional acceptance and implementation. The interpretation of the research findings cannot be confined to the Botswana borders. There is hardly a country in the world where teacher appraisal is not a contentious issue.

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