Vol 31, No 3 (2011)

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SPECIAL EDITION: Education for Social Justice -Editorial- Learn together and work together for a more reasonable, unbiased, acceptable, and morally righteous nation. Abstract PDF
Sechaba MG Mahlomaholo, Dennis Francis 295
IN MEMORIAM: Prof Willem Adolf Landman Abstract PDF
Philip C van der Westhuizen
Teaching for social justice education: the intersection between identity, critical agency, and social justice education Abstract PDF
Dennis Anthony Francis, Adré le Roux 299
Gender differentials and sustainable learning environments Abstract PDF
Sechaba Maholomaholo 312
Understanding how we understand girls’ voices on cultural and religious practices: toward a curriculum for justice Abstract PDF
Petro du Preez, Shan Simmonds 322
Integrating HIV&AIDS education in pre-service Mathematics Education for social justice Abstract PDF
Linda van Laren 333
The effect of a latchkey situation on a child’s educational success Abstract PDF
Elza Venter, Eunice Rambau 345
The geographies of inclusion of students with disabilities in an ordinary school Abstract PDF
Jabulani Ngcobo, Nithi Muthukrishna 357
Valorising the voice of the marginalised: exploring the value of African music in education Abstract PDF
Yolisa Nompula 369
Religion in education in South Africa: was social justice served? Abstract PDF
Johannes L van der Walt 381
Morality as the substructure of social justice: religion in education as a case in point Abstract PDF
Ferdinand Potgieter 394
University access for social justice: a capabilities perspective Abstract PDF
Merridy Wilson-Strydom 407
University-school partnerships for social justice in mathematics and science education: the case of the SMILES project at IMSTUS. Abstract PDF
Mdutshekelwa Ndlovu 419
Literacy journeys: home and family literacy practices in immigrant households and their congruence with schooled literacy Abstract PDF
Leila Kajee 434
Empowering first year (post-matric) students in basic research skills: a strategy for education for social justice Abstract PDF
Connie Zulu 447

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